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WE need more Foreign Artificial Intelligence Know-How in 2021

WE need more Foreign Artificial Intelligence Know-How in 2021

AI is invented by humans. We need more impressive AI just to keep up the pace of innovation. The modern field of artificial intelligence came to existence in 1956, but it took decades to make significant progress towards developing an AI ready technological reality.


From mundane to spectacular advancements, AI is becoming imperative for businesses that want to maintain a competitive edge.


Jason Furman, a top economic advisor, says Good ideas come from everywhere.

Jason Furman

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning:

The most popular and extensively used AI in development of any business is Machine learning. Machine learning is beneficial for putting vast troves of data - progressively captured by connected devices and the internet of things.

For example: Large data coming in from various sources in a manufacturing industry to a centralized location can be a strenuous task for human mind to sift through. But with machine learning algorithm, it becomes easier to notify and prepare a comprehensive report for effective maintenance.

Machine learning is a broad category which is interconnected with a web of artificial neural networks and has given rise to Deep Learning.

Deep Learning:

It is much more detailed edition of machine learning. This is used in crucial functions such as fraud detection and effective control of timings.

For Example, it can determine the exact timing and location of a self-driven vehicle in 5-10 seconds and optimize any location preferences.

Time has come when Deep Learning will be widely used. Though it has a small market now, but years to come, this will be familial soon.